Doctor Welcome to Kido resume! (International Medical Cooperation)

Japanese lunch box of halal certification also Kansai of ...

Doctor Welcome to Kido resume! (International Medical Cooperation) When the attempt to capture the tourists of Muslims (Muslims) to be increased by such as flying the expansion of budget airlines (LCC), a movement to provide a menu that does not use the pork and alcohol component in response to the precepts of Islam Kansai It has been in full swing at the hotel. The future to a significant Indonesia such as the center of Southeast Asia's growth also visit customers increase the is sure, each hotel is rushing to Mai miss a big business opportunity. Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka (Osaka City Tennoji-ku) is the day, it has announced it will release to date a Japanese lunch box that was received was cooking the food based on the teachings of Islam [halal certification]. It Japanese menu configured in such as tempura and boiled, but the seasoning is not used, including alcohol, etc. Sakeya mirin. It received the halal certification from the Council of the Kyoto Muslim Association (Kyohei Fujisawa) of the religious corporation and was established, providing a breakfast of halal from the moon.

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