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Doctor Welcome to Kido resume! (International Medical Cooperation) The reason [Teshoku] is the most fastidious food culture Looking back at the history of the world mankind has been the basic Teshoku. Eat with a direct hand action, non-civilized, rude, unsanitary, but the image, such as vulgar precedes, It is not intended that the degree of rough and culture just because I ate by hand become known, in reverse such a belief is, is like reveal the ignorance of food cultural history of mankind. Hand food population will climb to about billion people 0 all over the world even today. Among them, India's Hindu - Muslim today and Western Asia, the food has a strong stereotype that sacred thing given from God, a religious precepts, such as the hand is the most clean in what dirty tableware and Shokugu we guarded severely. (Formerly seems to have been the same idea also European). In the cultural sphere, the right hand is a clean but the left hand is the notion of unclean is thorough, touching the food given from God believe only the right hand, for example, not have to take a meal in the left hand in left-handed I.

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