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[Halal] Aim a huge market! Islam of authentication received food ...

Doctor Welcome to Kido resume! (International Medical Cooperation) Now is becoming a new huge market is born in the world. Targeting the Muslim [halal] 's products. The Halal in the sense that in Arabic [what was allowed, but food that does not contain meat and alcohol that has been processed along the precepts of Islam. Food as well as cosmetics and vaccines, to women's underwear [halal] is obtained. Muslims have been increasing rapidly, in 00 years reached 000 million people, the market size of the halal is expected to reach the 000 trillion yen. Hiroko Kuniya casters [Japanese companies are also trying to find a chance to halal market. But, standards of halal is not clear. Be determined that there is an Islamic state is this is not a halal, in the neighboring countries there is a fact that halal. Decision is left to the religious leaders. Japanese companies have followed the trial and error such as a review of the manufacturing process to understand Islam] Criteria each country fall apart ... religious leaders each decision United Arab Emirates of Dubai public life becomes rich, growing purchasing power of the intermediate layer, lined with a large amount of imported goods in the supermarket.

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