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The reason Muslims are rapidly increasing all over the ...

Doctor Welcome to Kido resume! (International Medical Cooperation) In fact, there are many political leaders of women In Japan, no Western even in countries, if hear that you are what you know about Islam, Teroka, or talk to not drink the wine, Hatewa that end up in polygamy of the story, still often. Of course, there is also that you are hit, there is also a terribly of misplaced it. Islamic, or when it comes to Muslims, in being simplistic also in Japan Europe and the United States, also not be changed long time ago now. Also very much per high school textbook, Dano to the times worship on the day of Islam, because those taught only story that Dano the month fasting a year, is badly precepts noisy, which seems that it is religion that binds the people. However, it is. Followers of such noisy religion, let alone are still growing, or will increase to the point where it may reach up to the people to people of the world's population in the next few decades? The feminists of Europe and the United States, but there are many people who recite the Islamic religion of female suppression opening the mouth, in the religion that so much discriminate against women oppression, there is no reason that women of believers increases, would why not think.

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