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Doctor Welcome to Kido resume! (International Medical Cooperation) The world's population / Muslim About billion people are Muslims of the world. Then, about 0 live in Southeast Asia and East Asia that. Speaking at the ASEAN at the national Indonesia and Malaysia are a lot of Muslims, for example, in the case of Indonesia, about 0 near the population billion million people are Muslim. Although referred to as a Muslim to a Muslim, Muslim (woman is referred to as the Musurima, is a Muslim in this paper) means any person that devotion to God is the word. But in Japan there are gods of eight million, Islam is the same strict monotheism with Judaism and Christianity. And Muslims has been increasing rapidly in the world, it is expected to reach a billion people of the scale in 00 years. General severity of the precepts Speaking of Islam is the image in. Of course, such as protecting the day times of worship and meals and fasting (Ramadan), it is a fact that there is a faith that does not allow compromise. However, there are also differences in the rigor even in the same Islam by country or region.

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